everyone heard the scream a bricked up doorway a hall of mirrors witness to the tides forward and backward in time this is where you remember how it happened lose here again, but forever this time 'no one wants me here,' Betty said slowly turning into stone

Missorts by Tony White is a permanent public artwork for Bristol. An urban soundwork delivered directly to your smartphone as a mobile app, Missorts combines ten location-triggered stories by ten writers set to a newly composed soundtrack. Missorts promises to immerse you in a surprising, new experience of the city.

A Situations project.

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To download this app you will need a 3G, GPRS or WiFi data connection. This app works on Apple iPhone iOS 5 & Android v2.2, and above, only.


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Missorts Volume II
A free novella by Tony White published to accompany the sound work.

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Situations on film: Missorts by Tony White - a short documentary featuring writer & critic, Michael Smith

Portwall Preludes by Jamie Telford (mp3 audio) Stream and download
Beaty Heart’s extended 30-minute remix (mp3 audio) Stream and download

The Project

Missorts is an immersive soundwork by writer and novelist Tony White, produced by Situations, the award winning Bristol-based arts producers. More The work features ten original and interconnected short stories by Sara Bowler, Holly Corfield-Carr, Thomas Darby, Jack Ewing, Katrina Plumb, Jess Rotas, Hannah Still, Helen Thornhill, Isabel de Vasconcellos and Sacha Waldron, accompanied by Portwall Preludes, a series of striking new musical works specially commissioned from composer Jamie Telford for St Mary Redcliffe’s Harrison and Harrison organ in its centenary year. Inspired by Bristol's radical literary heritage, Missorts reflects the past and present of the Redcliffe area of the city and the diversity of writings, objects and architectures that are found there. Less

The Author

Tony White is the author of novels including Foxy-T. His most recent book is the novella Dicky Star and the Garden Rule. More He has been writer in residence at the Science Museum, London, and is regarded for his progressive approach to writing fiction, including the use of digital technology. White’s interactive SMS-based drama Ivy4evr, written for Blast Theory and Channel 4, was nominated for a BIMA Award by the British Interactive Media Association in 2011. Tony is currently chair of London's award-winning arts radio station Resonance 104.4 FM and he regularly blogs at pieceofpaperpress.com Less

The Producers

Situations is an award-winning visual arts commissioning and publishing organisation based in Bristol, UK. More The organisation is dedicated to the commissioning of outstanding artworks and projects in the public realm, which open up new forms of public engagement with contemporary art. We believe public art has the potential to create unforgettable and inspiring experiences, to be the beginning of a conversation which changes the way we think about and interact with the world around us. situations.org.uk Less

Missorts is produced by Situations and funded by Bristol City Council for the Bristol Legible City initiative.

What features does the app have?

Multi-layered audio content with stories & music each triggered automatically by GPS
An accompanying map indicating your location and the location of the stories
How to Use pages
Information pages about the app

Is there a charge?

The app is free to download.

Are there further costs?


In which regions is the Missorts app available?

The app is available for download in all territories, however you will need to be in the Redcliffe/Portwalls area of Bristol to activate the soundwork.

How do I get the app?

The Missorts apps is free to download from this website or by visiting the Apple App store or Google Play app store.

Which devices does it work on?

This apps work on Apple iPhone iOS 5 & Android v2.2 and above only. To download this app you will need a 3G, GPRS or WiFi a data connection

How do I play a story or music track?

In the app press "Begin". When activated, walk towards the red ‘M’ markers on the map. When you are near a marker, a story will automatically play. Stand still to hear the whole piece or move on to hear something else. Be careful as you go!

For additional information you can watch our ‘How To Experience’ video.

Why is the soundwork not playing?

If you are not in the Redcliffe area of Bristol autoplay will not work. For autoplay to work, the app uses your position in the Redcliffe area of Bristol to play audio and your mobile phone must have a GPS signal for the app to know your position. You will also need to ensure that *Use GPS satellites* is enabled in your phone settings (in Settings / Location & Security Settings / My Location). If you have issues with your location jumping unexpectedly it may be that your phone's WiFi location system is interfering with the GPS. If this happens to you we recommend turning WiFi off while you do the walk. You can do this using your phone settings ( Settings / Wireless & network settings / uncheck Wi-Fi ).

How do I remove the app from my phone?

iPhone users - hold down the Missorts icon on your iPhone. When the icon begins to "shake" click the black delete icon.

Android users - From your device's settings menu, go to "Applications" then "Manage applications". Select the Missorts app and tap "Uninstall".


Downloading your free ebook of MISSORTS VOLUME II by Tony White

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